Topics in Gardening

Backyard Ecology website by Shannon Trimboli of Busy Bee Nursery with podcasts and blog posts with a variety of information on native flora and fauna.

Formal Landscape Design with Native Plants, presented by James Faupel.

Soft Landings and Green Mulch:  Learn about incorporating soft landings under keystone trees to provide critical habitats for moths, butterflies, fireflies, and other beneficial insects. Scroll all the way down through the web page for excellent information and beautiful implementation example photographs.

Table of Native Trees & Shrubs for Pollinators: A comprehensive table of native trees and shrubs for pollinators.

Gardening for Bats: Check out a list of plants that feed insects that become bat food and a guide to gardening for bats.

Selecting Plants for Pollinators:  A Regional Guide for Farmers, Land Managers, and Gardeners by Pollinator Partnership and NAPPC.

Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants: Guides to selecting ecologically beneficial and environmentally friendly native plants in place of popular invasive/exotic species from a variety of sources.

Nativars: Wild Ones latest statement on nativars.

Warren County Monarch Waystation: Information about the local Warren County Monarch Waystation maintained by the Warren County Master Gardeners.

Spring Plant Combinations for Difficult Situations by Ian Caton/Woodthrush Native Nursery. Written for Virginia but most plants are also native in our region of Kentucky. Check or another trusted source to verify. Document gives native flowers that thrive in poor soils and sloped and washed out areas along with companion plants.

Twenty-five Kentucky native plants that attract birds and butterflies by Betty Hall. Betty Hall is a photographer whose website has an aggregation of information and original photographs of Kentucky native plants.

Planting Guide for your native pollinator garden by Pollinator Partnership.

Native Plants for Your Backyard by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Monarch Nectar Plants – Southeast by Xerces Society.

Native Plant Finder by National Wildlife Federation. Type in your zip code and a list of native plants is generated ranked by the number of butterfly and moth species that use them as host plants for their caterpillars.

How to Fight Plants with Plants by Nancy Lawson (Humane Gardener). What’s to love about native plants that spread like crazy? Everything! Enlist these hardy troopers to help reclaim habitat from invasive species. How to (Gently) Fight Plants with Plants Handout.

Plant Native Ground Covers & Make America Green by 12 Notable Native Ground Covers.

20 Most Valuable Wood and Perennials Native Plant Genera in Terms of Supporting Biodiversity in the Mid-Atlantic Region by Doug Tallamy.

Check out our Youtube channel for past presentations

  • Butterflies and More! Learn all about the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) with a bonus presentation on the 2021 Texas Butterfly Festival. Speaker: Karen Michul, President, NABA-Central Kentucky Sponsored by Southern Kentucky Chapter of Wild Ones.
  • Southeastern Grasslands: Growing Your Own. Speaker: Brittney Viers, Grasslands RCPP Coordinating Biologist, of Quail Forever /Southeastern Grasslands Initiative/NRCS.
  • Dr. Doug Tallamy: Restoring Nature’s Relationships at Home. Dr. Doug Tallamy, noted entomologist, ecologist, and author, is a Lifetime Honorary Director of Wild Ones. Through his research, writings and presentations, Dr. Tallamy encourages us to landscape with native plants and “Garden as if life depended on it.” This presentation was jointly sponsored on 11 March 2021 by the Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky Chapters of Wild Ones.
  • Native Trees in Your Kentucky Landscape. Jared Weaver, city arborist for Bowling Green KY, shares tips on how to care for trees and recommends some trees native to Kentucky. The presentation was sponsored by the Southern Kentucky Chapter of Wild Ones.
  • Wintercreeper is Coming. Learn how to identify and remove this invasive vine. The presentation is sponsored by the Southern Kentucky Chapter of Wild Ones.
  • Right Plant, Right Place – Microclimates. Elinor Markle, a Landscape Architect, explains the importance of microclimates and choosing the proper plant for each site. This presentation was for Southern Kentucky Wild Ones in September 2020.
  • Gardening for Bats by Erin Cord of Bat Conservation International shares myths and facts about bats including their beneficial role in our ecosystem and ways to attract bats to your home garden.
  • Backyard Conservation Projects. The Warren County Soil Conservation District offers both advice and financial support for your backyard conservation projects. Morgan Mairs and Penny Warwick talk with Wild Ones SoKY Chapter about how they can help.
  • SoKY Wild Ones Tour of Kentucky Native Garden. An August tour of Barbara’s Kentucky Native Garden for the SOKY Wild Ones Chapter, based in Bowling Green, KY. Members saw 25 native plants in bloom among the 100 species in the garden. Follow Kentucky Native Garden Channel to see native blooms throughout the seasons and learn about native plants and pollinators.
  • The Gardener’s Guide to Prairie Plants with Neil Diboll and Hilary Cox. Neil and Hilary will delve into the making and application of this essential guide, sharing rich historical and ecological insights about prairie ecosystems, all while showcasing stunning images of prairie flora.

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Offering Elderberry (Sambucus nigra canadensis), False indigo (Amphora fruiticosa), Aronia sp., Mulberry, Paw paw, Persimmon, Honey Locust, Passion flower, and a variety of other plants.

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