SoKY Chapter Money Form

SoKY Chapter Money Form

Thank you for supporting the Wild Ones SoKY Chapter by purchasing or donating items for us.

Do you want to be reimbursed?
If a WOSoKY check was used, enter info on this form for record keeping. If our chapter gave away or received goods or services (aka in-kind) please fill out this form.
If WoSoKY paid for it, enter the Check number or GRANT. If you’re asking to be reimbursed, the Treasurer will fill this out.


Your Information

Volunteer time is valued at $24.83/hour, which is the rate for non-profits in the state of KY. However, there is NO reimbursment for time.


click on ADD below to enter another item’s information. Wild Ones is a nonprofit organization and so exempt from sales tax, though many stores require proof to waive the taxes. We have an account with Staples, and some of us have free shopping from Amazon or discounts at Lowes. Please check with the board to see if there’s a way to minimize costs, especially for large items.
If this was for a specific event, you can enter it here
If this was for a specific project, you can enter it here. If your project doesn’t appear, please contact [email protected]

Maximum file size: 20.48MB

You can upload receipts here.
Committee / Area
PROGRAM includes speaker (fees, gifts, meals, transportation), rent, hospitality, supplies.
PROJECT is plants, supplies.
EDUCATION includes books, displays, event fees, printed resources.
COMMUNICATIONS is postage, copying for outreach, publicity, ads.
a Committee Chair, Team Leader, or Board Member should pre-approve reimbursed expenditures in their area
If you created content, please enter how many items of original content you made.
Please enter number of handouts (not how many pieces of paper, but how many people can have a copy)