Who deserves a complimentary membership?

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Each year, our chapter can award 3 complimentary one-year memberships (from Jan 1 through Dec 31). These types of people/organizations are eligible:

  • Individuals in a position to advance the native plant movement, e.g., politicians, journalists, community leaders, etc.
  • Governmental units in a position to educate others about the native plant movement, e.g., libraries, educational institutions, park departments, etc.
  • Affiliates such as nonprofits in a position to partner with and promote the native plant movement, e.g., local and national organizations whose missions are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of nature and the environment around us. Affiliate members will be featured in the issue of Wild Ones Journal after they join or renew and receive a discount for journal sponsorships.
  • Businesses such as nurseries, landscaping companies, landscape designers, etc. Business members will receive a business kit, be featured in each quarterly issue of the Wild Ones Journal and receive a discount for journal sponsorships.

In January, our SoKY Chapter board of directors will select three recipients.

Please submit your nomination(s) before December 31st. 

Who in your community do you think should receive a complimentary membership from Wild Ones SoKY Chapter?

Election Time

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It’s election season, not only for the state of Kentucky, but also for the SoKY Chapter. All chapter members are encouraged to vote. Paper ballots will be available at our meeting on November 9th or you can do early voting on our website.

WOSoKY Election

Your Contact Info

Your name and Wild Ones ID Number are used only to verify our chapter’s voter rolls. All votes are tallied, but individual voting records are not opened.
Membership Status
If you pay your dues before November 15, your vote will count in this election. If you cannot check any of the boxes, then you are not eligible to vote in this election.

Vote for Officers

Officers serve 1-year terms, from January 1 to December 31.
Chapter President
Chapter Vice President
Chapter Secretary
Chapter Treasurer
Chapter Membership Chair

Policy on Donating

Our chapter has about $6000 in the bank, and our operating expenses last year were about $1000. If the policy is adopted, our chapter would give away about $2500 next year.
WOSoKY Chapter Donating 50%
I agree that in each calendar year, our chapter should reserve enough fund to cover our operating costs and can donate as much as 50% of the remaining chapter funds to projects and causes that support our mission. The Board and the Grant Review Council will decide where the donations go.
Please tell us how much (if any) of our funds you think WoSoKY should donate, or why you think our chapter should not adopt the above policy.

Backyard Ecology on YouTube

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<p><em><strong>From Shannon and Anthony Trimboli</strong></em></p>
<p>We offer a free <a href=”https://www.backyardecology.net/posts/blog/”>blog</a>, <a href=”https://www.backyardecology.net/posts/podcast/”>podcast</a>, <a href=”https://www.youtube.com/backyardecology”>YouTube</a> channel, and <a href=”https://www.backyardecology.net/subscribe/”>newsletter</a> to help you learn more about our native plants, pollinators, and wildlife, as well as how to attract pollinators and wildlife. We believe you can make a positive ecological difference, have fun doing it, and still enjoy the lifestyle that you want. Our focus on the eastern U.S. means that the information we share is applicable to you and where you live. </p>
<p>Nature isn’t just “out there.” It’s all around us, including right outside our doors. Join us as we ignite our curiosity and natural wonder, explore our yards and communities, and improve our local pollinator and wildlife habitat.</p>

Building a Bouquet with Native Plants

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In July 2023, about fifteen Wild Ones and guests gathered for a workshop on creating flower arrangements. Everyone brought flowers to share and a vase to use, and after an overview of the mechanics (using frogs, tape, wire, and kenzen to keep the plants in place) and some tips and techniques, each person put together a bouquet to take home.