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Designing a Small Garden Bed

Would you like to create a small garden bed using native plants, but don’t know where to start? This presentation (posted May 2023) has design suggestion and ways to create a micro-ecosystem in a 4’x4′ garden bed. Files to Download Useful Links •Ecoregions – •USDA Web Soil Survey •Call before you Dig – […] Continue reading "Designing a Small Garden Bed"

Pocket Prairies

Notes from the January 2022 Meeting of Wild Ones SoKY Chapter Guest Speaker: Robert of Roundstone Seed The most important thing for establishing a native plant pocket prairie or pollinator patch is to make sure all grass and unwanted weeds are dead before sowing seed or planting. Robert said this is the most important step […] Continue reading "Pocket Prairies"

Lura Rae Steiner Memorial Gardens

Public Garden Lura Rae Steiner was a botanist and nature lover, and also a devoted and very generous Friend of the Goodnight Memorial Public Library (GMPL) in Franklin, Kentucky. The native-plant landscaping around the building has been named Lura Rae Steiner Memorial Gardens in her honor. They include a Monarch Patch, a woodland grove on […] Continue reading "Lura Rae Steiner Memorial Gardens"