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<p><em><strong>From Shannon and Anthony Trimboli</strong></em></p>
<p>We offer a free <a href=””>blog</a>, <a href=””>podcast</a>, <a href=””>YouTube</a> channel, and <a href=””>newsletter</a> to help you learn more about our native plants, pollinators, and wildlife, as well as how to attract pollinators and wildlife. We believe you can make a positive ecological difference, have fun doing it, and still enjoy the lifestyle that you want. Our focus on the eastern U.S. means that the information we share is applicable to you and where you live. </p>
<p>Nature isn’t just “out there.” It’s all around us, including right outside our doors. Join us as we ignite our curiosity and natural wonder, explore our yards and communities, and improve our local pollinator and wildlife habitat.</p>